What is Colorado Real?

That is the question that may pop into the mind of those who have stumbled upon my little blog.

But fear not! For I have all the answers for those pondering souls.

Colorado Real is a lifestyle and adventure blog, based out of the awe inspiring state of Colorado.  The owner of this blog (your truly), is Amanda Mullins. 

I am a college student in the city of Littleton. I love all literature, writing poetry, plants, music, and the feeling of wanderlust.

Colorado Real is going to be molded into a vessel of adventure, beauty, nature- and ultimately- whatever the hell we want to talk about.

For those of you who read this and wish to walk with me down the road of exploration, and hear my take on what we see, new posts will be uploaded weekly, every Sunday.

As always, any and all feedback is encouraged heavily. Don’t agree with something I have touched on? Let me know. Want to see more of something I have done before? Great, tell me!

Stay tuned for my first blog entry, and he pictures that accompany,  coming within the next two days.


Thank you,


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